Welcome to the Center for UAS Propulsion (CUP)

The Center for UAS Propulsion (CUP) aims to foster and accelerate collaborative research in advanced technologies critical for the development of next generation propulsion systems in unmanned aircraft systems. The research focus is on a wide range of materials, combustion, fuels, and hybrid architecture topics. Participation in CUP is open to national and defense labs, universities, and industry.



ARL Central Summer Internship 2019

The Army Research Office is looking for talented and ambitions undergraduate and graduate students to work as Summer Interns at one of ARL Central Locations during the summer of 2019. Summers interns will work in one of the ARL or ARL-Central Locations and focus their efforts on technologies related to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Please […] Read More...

ARL Central Propulsion Meetings held at Universities & Argonne Labs

During the week of October 15th and 22nd, Dr. Mark Tschopp (ARL-Central Regional Lead) and Dr. Mike Kweon (ARL VTD Propulsion Division Chief) held meetings with University researchers and research staff at Argonne National Laboratory to discuss future of propulsion research at ARL-Central as well as efforts to stand up CUP (Center for UAS Propulsion […] Read More...