Welcome to the Center for UAS Propulsion (CUP)

The Center for UAS Propulsion (CUP) aims to foster and accelerate collaborative research in advanced technologies critical for the development of next generation propulsion systems in unmanned aircraft systems. The research focus is on a wide range of materials, combustion, fuels, and hybrid architecture topics. Participation in CUP is open to national and defense labs, universities, and industry.



ARL Center for UAS Propulsion (CUP) Summer Undergraduate Internship 2022

We are looking for motivated undergraduate summer interns to work within the ARL Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Propulsion (CUP) in 2022. The students will be working at the ARL Center for UAS Propulsion within the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign or one of the other satellite locations. ARL Center for UAS Propulsion and ARL Central […] Read More...

Center for UAS Propulsion 3rd Workshop 2021

The 3rd annual workshop for the Center for UAS Propulsion will be held online (hosted by the University of Wisconsin) on November 17th and 18th of 2021. Flier is attached here 3rd CUP-Flyer. The goal of the third CUP workshop is to integrate collaboration in UAS power and propulsion between ARL, other government agencies, academia […] Read More...

Army Research Laboratory Summer Intern 2021

ARL and Central Locations ARL Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD Argonne National Laboratory, IL University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL University of Illinois Chicago, IL Northwestern University, IL University of Wisconsin Madison Potential Research Topics (Area 1: UAS Propulsion Energy Conversion) Investigation of fuel chemistry for UAV applications Energetically enhanced ignition of UAV propulsion systems laser and optical […] Read More...