Center for UAS Propulsion Industry-Academia Connection Days (workshop) 2019 – Press Release

The first workshop for the Center for UAS propulsion (CUP) took place on May 1-May 2, 2019 at the University of Illinois Chicago. The first Industry-Academia Connection Days event for the Center saw representatives from industry, government labs, academia, gathered together to share ideas and form a roadmap for development of next generation UAS propulsion units. Dr. Jaret Riddick (ARL VTD Director), and Dr. Mike Kweon (VTD Propulsion Chief) were on hand to participate in the discussion sessions in terms of both technology and development and to reiterate the importance of building an industry base can be established in the US to support these efforts. Principal investigators from the CUP research partners as well as distinguished scientists and industry pioneers actively participated in the workshop discussions.

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University of Illinois Chicago – Center for UAS Propulsion Industry-Academia Connection Days


ARL Central Summer Internship 2019

The Army Research Office is looking for talented and ambitions undergraduate and graduate students to work as Summer Interns at one of ARL Central Locations during the summer of 2019. Summers interns will work in one of the ARL or ARL-Central Locations and focus their efforts on technologies related to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Please refer to the below page for more information.

ARL Central Propulsion Meetings held at Universities & Argonne Labs

During the week of October 15th and 22nd, Dr. Mark Tschopp (ARL-Central Regional Lead) and Dr. Mike Kweon (ARL VTD Propulsion Division Chief) held meetings with University researchers and research staff at Argonne National Laboratory to discuss future of propulsion research at ARL-Central as well as efforts to stand up CUP (Center for UAS Propulsion Systems). The Universities included University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Illinois Chicago, and Northwestern University. Meetings were held at the respective Universities and and at Argonne National Laboratory. ARL-Central already has over 20 faculty and student hires as part of ARL Central in diverse fields such as Propulsion, fuels, materials, and acoustics.

Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Photon Source ARC-M1 Combustor Measurements

M1 Combustor at Argonne National Labs Advanced Photon Source

Research Teams from the Army Research Laboratory and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have conducted the first measurements of spray break up of a firing gas turbine combustor (ARC-M1) using the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Labs (April 2018). The powerful X-ray beams provided by the Advanced Photon Source allows high speed imaging of spray during the initial breakup phase, which is generally a dense multi-phase region inaccessible using other diagnostics techniques. Dr. Mike Kweon (Propulsion Division Chief of the Vehicle Technology Directorate at ARL) and Professor Tonghun Lee from UIUC led the effort which were also attended by other high level officials from the Army Research Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory.


Center for UAS Propulsion Kicks Off!

The Center for UAS Propulsion has officially launched to provide research support for development of next generation technologies related to propulsion systems in UAVs. The scope of research in the center will encompass all aspects of UAV propulsion systems including, but not restricted to (1) multi-fuel capable engines, (2) novel high temperature materials, (3) flow dynamics, and (4) hybrid electrification architectures.