Argonne National Laboratory APS

  • Beam line with energies rom relatively “soft” x-rays (3-5 keV) to “hard” x-rays at 100 keV and sometimes higher. At many beamlines, the energy can be tuned with relative ease.
  • Diagnostics under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, and several facilities are available for samples requiring special handling (e.g., biohazards, radioactive samples).
  • Correlation capability with a pulsed laser or with the time structure of the x-ray pulses, for example. In the typical operating mode, the x-rays come in evenly spaced bunches or pulses, with 0.31 mA per pulse and 11.37 nanoseconds between pulses.
  • Optical measurement capabilities to narrow the already tight beam into even smaller spots, offering spatial resolution into the 50-nm range.