ARL Summer Internship Opportunity 2020

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is looking for talented and ambitions undergraduate and graduate students to work as Summer Interns at one of ARL Central Locations during the summer of 2020. Summers interns will work in one of the ARL or ARL-Central Locations and focus their efforts on technologies related to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Underrepresented students in the STEM field are encouraged to apply.

ARL and Central Locations

  • ARL¬†Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD
  • Argonne National Laboratory, IL
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL
  • University of Illinois Chicago, IL
  • Northwestern University, IL
  • University of Wisconsin Madison

Potential Research Topics

(Area 1: UAS Propulsion Energy Conversion)

  • Investigation of fuel chemistry for UAV applications
  • Energetically enhanced ignition of UAV propulsion systems
  • laser and optical diagnostics of UAV propulsion systems
  • numerical simulation of energetically enhanced UAV propulsion systems
  • numerical simulation of aerospace turbocharger physics

(Area 2: UAS Propulsion Materials)

  • develop coating materials in high-pressure fuel pump and injector contact areas
  • experimentally characterize friction and wear in fuel feeding system with low viscosity fuels
  • numerically model friction and wear behavior
  • develop thermal control system in metal-based additive manufacturing
  • develop high-performance aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing

Eligibility: undergraduate or graduate student with U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
Expected pay level: $2500-3000/month. for the 3-month summer period, starting date flexible
Preferred background: majoring in mechanical, materials science, or chemical engineering with an intention to obtain a doctoral degree
Interested in: send your complete CV and interested topic(s) to
Expected timeline: Positions will be open until filled, but no later than February 28, 2020, provided the availability of funding. Earlier application will be screened with priority.