Variable Energy Assisted Compression Ignition

Multi-Fuel Capable Hybrid Electric Propulsion (MCHEP) Area 2

Variable Energy Assisted Compression Ignition: Perform research to develop innovative propulsion component technologies by sensing and controlling ignition and combustion of a wide range ignition quality fuels to extend operational capability of small engines. Ignition and control architecture of the propulsion system will utilize non-intrusive ignition and combustion sensing, and robust and reliable ignition control technologies. ARL seeks collaborative partners in these areas: (a) non-intrusive ignition and combustion sensing for intermittent combustion engines; (b) novel approaches to detect fuel ignition quality; (c) material development and design of robust and reliable heating element with surface temperature up to 1,100°C; (d) robust combustion control architecture.

ARL PI: Kenneth Kim, Ph.D., , (410) 278-9525 [Area 2]