• Establish a collaborative research environment between U.S. Government, Academia, and Industry that conducts innovative computational and experimental research.
  • Collaborate with diverse group of scientists to accelerate the infusion of new technologies in support of Unmanned Aircraft System Propulsion.
  • Exchange researchers between Consortium members to facilitate the execution of joint research projects.
  • Provide educational programs to foster scientific interchange and facilitate transition of new technologies within the technology community.
  • Access to unique infrastructure at member organizations.

Membership Options

  • Sponsoring Agency Participation: Intended for government agencies (e.g., ARL, AFOSR, ONR, DOE, NASA) interested in sponsoring UAS Propulsion Research.
  • Organizational: Intended for groups of scientists in academic institutions and federal research laboratories. In kind contributions are limited to man hours, facility usage, and materials provided by a consortium member with a value based on organizational policies and rates (e.g., ARL, NIST, ANL, BNL, ORNL, PNNL, NRL, NSWCCD, JPL).
  • Industry Affiliate: Intended for small innovative businesses in need of UAS Propulsion technology or engaged in the development of that technology and its applications.
  • Industry: Intended for companies in need of UAS Propulsion technology solutions and access to expertise and pre-competitive research results.
  • Individual: Intended for individuals interested in following CREB activities from academic institutions, federal research laboratories and agencies, industry and the media.