Center for UAS Propulsion Looking for New Postdocs

Center for UAS Propulsion is looking for talented postdocs to start immediately in the fields of

  • Aeroacoustics and Flow Physics: 2020-11 ARL Postdoc Advertisement
  • Combustion and Ignition Control (ARC-M1 Combustor Spray Imaging with Argonne National Laboratory)
    • Spray imaging for the ARC-M1 Combustor with the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory
    • Laser optics and Diagnostics of ARC-M1 UAS Combustor at the University of Illinois
    • Machine learning based analysis of diagnostics results
    • Interaction with Argonne National Laboratory simulation team for the ARC-M1 Combustor
  • Ignition system for flexible fuel UAS propulsion system
  • Hypersonic Air Launch Effects (airbreathing scram/ram propulsion system)
    • Flight test geometry design and optimization
    • Laser optics and Diagnostics of ACT-II facility at the University of Illinois

Postdocs will work at either the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign or Argonne National Laboratory.

Those who are applying to the Aeroacoustics and Flow Physics area, please refer to the attached PDF file above.

Those who are applying to the Combustion and Ignition Control (Spray & Laser Diagnostics) and Hypersonics Area, please send your material to Professor Tonghun Lee (